Lap Pad

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Size: 48x53cm

-Weight: 2.3kg

-Top Fabric: 200g/m2 minky dot solid colour (soft grey)

-Back Fabric: 200g/m2 minky solid colour (navy)

-Lining Fabric: 100% polyester white colour 

-Filling: 100g/m2 bonded fibre fill + glass unique non-toxic beads mixed

-Silicon Free

-Top Stitched on outside for extra safety

-Machine washable "Heavy Duty Machines" only, in cold water only, gentle machine cycle or hand wash only.  Line dry in shade, Dry Cleaning is recommended 

-Product Information: Designed to help decrease overactivity of the nervous system, lowers anxiety significantly.

-This Lap Pad can be used in the school/classroom environment, to help reduce anxiety between classroom tasks, so can lead to increased productivity/concentration, and help kids when feeling stressed, very calming and grounding, can be used at home, at the movies, in the car, travelling on a bus or aeroplane or even at a concert!

-Our Lap Pad is portable and a proven helpful beneficial tool to help achieve a calming, relaxed child/adult

-This Mink soft fabric with dot design makes the overall feeling of a sensory heaven wow factor-allowing your child a great experience particularly if they are inclined to fidget, or having stimming behaviour in the classroom, Anxiety, OCD, ASD, SPD- along with the weight of the beads, this gives a calming grounding safe feeling.

-This Lap Pad can help those with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or Restless Leg Syndrome or any other condition that can affect mood.

-Could be used to drape over legs or shoulder area



***Not for use with infants or young children, or those who cannot lift the blanket weighted unaided***

**NOT recommended to be used on pregnant women**

-It is recomended that a child should be able to lift their own blanket off of themselves for safety use and never cover their heads with it

This product is NOT intended for use as a medical device and any benefits discussed above not guaranteed.

-We always recommend seeking the guidance of your Doctor or other qualified health professionals with any questions you many have regarding your health and/or medical condition/s

-Please do not use the blanket near the open flames

-If it rips or starts leaking, dispose of it immediately, Do not ingest the beads

-Monitor use of those inclined to chew on the blanket, we recommend supervision in these cases


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