Things I have learnt having an Autistic Child

Rikki is unique, there is only one Rikki, you will never meet another Autistic person the same, they are ALL different and 'wired" differently!

Rikki hears things more loudly, he can react to a cicada chirping for example. He sees things more clearly and sharper, he can see a balloon up in the high clouds and follow it, when it just looks like a tiny spot.

Rikki's sense of smell is more sensitive - things are "stronger" smelling than what you and I might find, the smell of hot chips- Rikki can smell a MILE away!

Rikki feels things we don't he has a very high pain threshold, falling out of a tree on to his head, Rikki said his hand hurt, but his head was sore, not his hands..

Rikki has a different sense of taste too, eating boiled or scrambled eggs or jelly, is like eating "rubber" in  his mouth and gags on this!

Rikki is Rikki, he is being himself!

Its SO important to try and keep to the same routine? Try and change this, with NO warning, what so ever, and you will have WORLD WAR 3 on your hands, try and use a Visual planner on events, or simply write on a small white board about "what's happening" today Routine, Routine Routine!

Take each hour as it comes! It's never the same day with Autism, you will NEVER have the same day twice either- Rikki can have a great day, and the other be the worst yet ever!

Quit while you are ahead- (if you are at an event, or somewhere new, where it's all going well) don't stay longer and expect a good outcome, things can go PEAR shaped very quickly and abruptly, Autism can get overbearing, and cause overwhelming outcomes/overload mode!

Always take something with you, that helps your child feel calm, safe and relaxed , Rikki likes taking his drink bottle everywhere, its his "Safety blanket" he also likes wearing his hat, so that if he feels overwhelmed, he can "shut out the world, and pull it down over his ears tightly, Rikki likes also to bounce his basketball everywhere, this help him to self-regulate (gets rid of nervous energy) and also he gets a work out at the same time - WIN WIN WIN!

When you ask Rikki a question, you get an honest answer- a REAL HONEST answer! For example, Rikki had a rough day at school, and screamed constantly, I asked him, when he got home, "what's up Rikki, what's with all the screaming today at school, and having meltdowns all day"? - his response...."My poos was stuck in my bottom" constipation goes hand in hand with Autism apparently.... My response to Rikki's statement...."That's a bummer Rikki" - you have to see the funny side to things too....otherwise you would just cry all day, and that is no fun- belleieve me!